New User Registration Information

Access to CEDA datasets and services varies across the archive. Please read the following before you proceed.

Do I need to register?

Before registering as a user you should check to see if you need to register as a CEDA user and if, in addition, you need to apply for access to a restricted resource. Access to CEDA datasets and services falls into the following three types:

  1. Public datasets and services can be accessed through the data centre website (via http) without registration, but a CEDA account will be needed to access via the CEDA FTP server.
  2. Datasets and services for Registered Users: some additional datasets and services will be available to any registered CEDA user.
  3. Restricted datasets and services are limited to those who meet dataset or service specific criteria and are marked with an "apply for access" link. A user will first need to register as a CEDA user and then apply for the specific resource.

The Dataset index lists all CEDA dataset holdings and indicates which ones are open access, available to registered users or if further restrictions apply.

How we will use your information:

For details on how CEDA will make user of your personal details and the research descriptions that you supply please read our privacy policy.

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